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Driving along I80 through the salt flats is a tiring and eye opening experience. Tumbleweeds travel for miles across the desolate salt flats to a new home. The desert does things to ones mind…bridges new ideas and taps lost feelings once had. Remember about things that slipped from your hands, because of the pressure of the world breathing down your neck. Follow your heart…your making the right decision  you belong with someone else. You deserve better, but I deserve nothing better than the opportunities I had and let slip through the cracks. In my position, I realize there were missed opportunities and the seasons is over. I did not make the postseason…I thought I would, but was sadly mistaken by my drunken mind. Someone once told me they said the Killer lyrics make them sad, and I responded they play to my mood. I like the Killers, because it is a connection with what is real in my life and that is pain. Pain builds character and it reminds you that you are alive. 

I have not written on my tumblr page in quite some time….but tonight it is necessary to release these thoughts….not of regret, but memories. 

I don’t know why I write these rambling pieces. On the bright side, it will be nice to go back and read these posts that defined a pivotal time in my life. This tumblr has been through…love gained  love lost, grief, depression, happiness, anger, decisions, ideas, hobbies, laughter, a friend, a journal, a personal documentation of my past, a platform, adventures  rants, and so much more. I don’t write these for others, but for myself.

I miss my family and friends. My inner circle friends haha! Which are quite a few, but I miss it all. I miss waking up around 2pm taking forever to get a ready for a Saturday afternoon. Walking to the Cafe and meeting up with friends talking about what have you. Playing flag football…getting ready for the game. The cool night breeze and chill of the crisp air. An interception for a touchdown, while you know a certain someone is watching. Getting in an argument with cocky soccer players who think they can play basketball, because they are D1 soccer players. Playing disc golf with some good friends. Weather challenge arguments. Crying to some good music videos late at nigh before morning class. Going hiking in the Appalachians when the morning stratus deck is still in the valley. You look out across and it looks like the ocean for as far as you can see.

I have not even seen my new niece yet…….I have not even held her and I miss my nephew that calls  me pretty much everyday wanting to talk to me. My family and all of our gatherings, church, dinners, games…etc. I could go on and on and on. That leads me to my decision to come to Elko….BEST decision ever! Everyone here is amazing and I have been training A LOT. They have a lot of confidence in me and that makes me work even harder. I have actually already made forecasts. issued some products, and issue Aviation forecasts. I EVEN WROTE the short and long term AFD before! That is a lot of fun. Well I need to go to bed, because I told myself I would go to bed earlier and I am still listening to the Killers…….Goodnight Past, and when I awake this morning the sun will be up and it will be another beginning at building a new future. 

Random the note: the HPC looks awesome and I am considering working there someday! Why you as? Because one of my childhood heroes works there! Paul Kocin! AND I love WINTER WEATHER!!!!!! 

Goodnight….Much love! 


Another beautiful well crafted masterpiece is in my private tumblr. Oh private tumblr how I adore thee. I use the private tumblr to gold classified writings that need not be seen yet. Don’t get me wrong they need to be seen, but for now I wait. 



I feel so sad about everything right now….Humans are persecuted for the way they believe. People are mad fun of. Bullying exists. People want to drill in our sacred lands…disrupt our environment/animals. People want to kill religious people. People can’t get along. People kill babies. Gays are made fun of. Kids have divorced parents. Murders take place all the time. Rape is real. Education is lacking. Poor become poorer. Tears mount and accumulate. I distant myself from democrats and republicans everyday. I distant myself into a sea of thought and ideas that I develop my own platform. a platform that is neither rep/dem. A platform that is Jeremy Michael. A fantasy land where people love, respect, and care for each other. NO HATE! That day will never come, except when I meet my maker. All will be fine. 


It will never happen, but I can just live in the fantasy land when I talk to her…please….30 minutes is all I ask. 

I have never spoken to someone so enriching, beautiful, and interesting. I am so engaged….alright, back to reality!





CHICAGO BULLS….Even though D-Rose is out we still have a chance….reppin’ my Bulls! Oldskool Snapback!


Well I have a place to live in Elko, NV, which is good. It is away from the casinos and away from the main downtown, also good. It is in the newer, developing part of town. The town is rapidly developing thanks to a modern day gold rush…so through the mercy of God I found a place to live.

Graduating soonish…Saturday to be exact…horay.

I am kind official, but not official meteorologist yet..also cool. 

I am going to miss peeps here…. a lot.

I will have no friends in Elko, which is exciting. Well I will have work friends. Hopefully Church friends very soon as well. I have 4 churches on my visiting/research list. Finding a “home” church will be tough, but I feel the best way to go about it visit them all. My Dad will be there to help as well, which I am very happy about. I feel God will guide me to the right Church.

Funny fact: My Dad told me my Mom was crying the other day….saying I will find a woman in Nevada and never come back AHAHHAHA. With a reasonable amount of confidence I will say I highly doubt that. I feel the right woman will be elsewhere for me. As of now I need to focus on my career, becoming an IMET, completing GRAD school, and getting enough money for that adventure. 

I am angry about the argument on RG3….HE WILL BE FINE!!!!! Drafting a back up QB is smart! 

Saw a sweet storm today….well storms…plural haha. Got some great shots I am shearing…FOR FREE…with CNN. Hopefully they vet them and I can get everyone to see my pictures! I like to share my passion/love for weather with all.

I am starting to study for my balloon test…yes balloon test. I need to become balloon certified…




Land of the Sky Lightning Extravaganza: Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC: Monday evening on the campus of UNC Asheville an electrifying lightning show was on display for atmospheric science majors and onlookers. The students grabbed their tripods and cameras